ROMS Guidance Program

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Counselor List for 2015-2016                                                                       

Paula Barnes, M.Ed. 7th Grade Counselor 972-617-0066 x 3004 paula.barnes@redoakisd.org BIO
Vickie Holmes, M.Ed. 8th Grade Counselor 972-617-0066 x 3003 vickie.holmes@redoakisd.org BIO
Alzada Benton, M.Ed., LPC-S Intervention Counselor 972-617-0066 x 3006 alzada.benton@redoakisd.org BIO
Calinda Wells, M.Ed. 6th Grade Counselor 972-617-4692 x 2503 calinda.wells@redoakisd.org BIO

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ROMS counselors are available to provide assistance in a wide range of areas.  Counselors will provide classroom presentations on student issues and safety throughout the school year.  The counselors will visit all students during one of their classes to discuss how they can assist and guide them during the school year.  Counselors are also available to discuss academic goals or concerns as students transition from the intermediate campus and begin preparing for high school.  Each school year students are given information in the spring regarding schedules for the upcoming year.  Course selection guides and four year plans will be discussed and created to prepare students for high school graduation.  Intervention Counseling services are available to help support students and families with emotional, social, or behavioral diificulties.


Please feel free to contact your child's counselor if you have any questions or concerns.